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Y Series Wheels
The Columbine Spinning Wheel is an all-metal precision machine designed for the contemporary spinner who is not constrained by traditional concepts. This wheel is ideal for beginners and advanced spinners alike, and it is especially suitable for classroom use. Operation is amazingly smooth, quiet, and trouble free. The large, easily-worked treadle allows heel and toe treadling with both feet, giving perfect control at all speeds. The sturdy metal frame will never warp or twist out of shape.

The smooth flyer eyes allow for either heavy or fine yarns. The sliding hook and guide are easily changed to either side of the flyer, so your bobbin fills easily no matter what size yarns are being made. The large aluminum bobbin holds a super quantity of yarn, and extra bobbins are available for plying and storage. The flyer pulley has three diameters, providing a wide range of operating ratios. Belt tension is precisely adjusted over a wide range by turning a knob at the top of the machine. The Columbine is the perfect wheel to take to workshops and demonstrations because it is light, compact, and durable. A denim carrying bag, a cotton dust cover and a matching Lazy Kate are all available as accessories.

One large capacity bobbin is included with each wheel.

Matching Lazy Kate
Our new Lazy Kate is made from the same material as our wheels, it comes in the same colors, and holds six bobbins. It is 14" high, and just 13" wide, a classy companion to your wheel.


Replacement Parts Replacement parts for older models are available. Please call for drive bands, bearings, feet, etc. You may also order high speed pulley and orifice inserts.

Colors Available:

(SF Giants tribute shown)

5/8" inlet orifice. One side has a small exit hole and the other side has a large exit hole. The flyer comes with a slide-on-guide hook that will work equally well on either arm.
Flyer Pulley
Powder-coated aluminum construction. Easily unscrewed from flyer to change bobbins. Three diameters yield flyer-to-bobbin ratios of 1.2, 1.7, and 2.2:1.
Anodized aluminum construction. 7-1/2" long. Nylon bearings. One bobbin is included with each wheel, extra bobbins are available for plying and storage.
14" diameter. Aluminum casting selected for perfect balance, powder coated.
Drive Ratio
Flywheel-to-flyer ratios are 4, 5 and 7:1. Flywheel-to-bobbin ratio is 8:1.
Drive Type Double drive with bobbin leader flyer.
Drive Belt
Endless, high-strength polyurethane belt drives flyer and bobbin. Tensile strength of 4,000 psi.
7 low-friction nylon bearings.
Treadle Size
8 x 15". Ergometric design allows treadling with both feet while facing the wheel straight on. Back strain is eliminated.
Polyester powder coating for outstanding durability
Overall Size
31" high, 13" deep, 18" wide.
Shipping Weight
13-1/2 pounds.
One year written warranty covering all parts and labor. Prompt service.
Law-Away Plan
Because we know a large purchase can be a strain on the family budget we now offer a layaway plan for consideration. If you would like to purchase using this option, please give us a call to make arrangements.


For further information, or to place an order, please get in touch with us using the information below.
Wheels are shipped unassembled or totally assembled, with leader and 8 oz. of lovely fiber for your first trial run.
A wrench and an illustrated instruction and parts list booklet are included with each wheel.


Columbine Spinning Wheels





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